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Chris Whorley

When Southwest Airlines’ Network Operations Control needs a tech hero, they call Chris Whorley. Whether it’s an issue with one of the NOC’s many monitors or computer applications or with one of Southwest’s multiple corporate initiatives, Chris finds the solution to the problem. It sounds stressful, but to Chris it’s fun: “I get to come in and play with 80-inch monitors all day!” Keeping the NOC systems operational and up-to-date is a hefty job, but Chris accepts it with tenacity, humility, and a kind, Fun-LUVing Attitude. 

Chris has spent almost ten years with the NOC Team. (For more about the NOC, see page 124.) He previously worked in Ground Operations in Baltimore/Washington. Over the years, he’s been essential to a variety of special projects, including an initiative to upgrade airport gate and flight information display screens. He was one of three people chosen to complete the project and traveled to 52 Southwest stations not once but twice during the 18-month project.

When Chris isn’t calibrating NOC systems or brainstorming new programs, he’s spending time with his wife of ten years, Kim, and his young daughter, Sydney. No matter how tired he is after a long day’s work, when he gets home and Sydney says, “Daddy!,” he’s ready to play. Chris met Kim, who now works in the Southwest People Department, when they both worked in Baltimore/Washington Ground Operations. 

An avid traveler, Chris originally thought about being a pilot and actually got his license. But he found himself in LUV with the airline’s tech side and preferred being grounded near his family. In his current job, he combines two of his favorite things: People and airplanes. 

He also LUVs the flight perks. “Kim and I are our parents’ only children, so Southwest gives us the Freedom to spend time with family and allows our parents to see their grandchild,” Chris says.

We’re happy to connect you to your family, Chris, and we’re thankful you’re a part of ours! —Erin Boren

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