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Putting Hospitality into Practice

I always love this time of the year,  as the leaves bring us beautiful fall colors, football season gets into full swing, and we gather together with loved ones to pause and give thanks for our many blessings. In that spirit,  I also think about what it means to really care about people, to be welcoming and friendly toward one another—in other words, the concept of hospitality.

We’ve always said that at Southwest Airlines we treat each other like Family and our Customers like guests in our home. So I hope that when you travel with us, you feel that sense of warmth and hospitality from our People. We’ve always hung our hat on offering the very best Customer Service in the industry, and, in my opinion, nobody does it better than Southwest’s nearly 46,000 Employees. Additionally, we continue to invest considerable time and energy into taking our Customer Service to the next level, to truly embody the idea of being hospitable as a Company.

Hospitality is the act of establishing a friendly relationship between hosts and guests. But for us, it means much more than that: Words like caring, welcoming, and attentive come to mind, just to name a few. Providing top-notch Customer Service certainly means having convenient, user-friendly processes in place and being prepared to meet our Customers’ needs. But the questions we ask ourselves are, “How can we take that a step further and establish meaningful connections with our Customers?” and “How can we get to know them and what’s important to them in order to understand how to make their trip more enjoyable?”

Our Purpose is to connect people to what’s important in their lives through friendly, reliable, and low-cost travel. Any transportation company can claim to connect Customers from point A to B. But the human connections we make with our Customers along the way are fulfilling on a much deeper level; they are where we find the greatest joy and passion in what we do.

On that note, I would like to offer you my sincerest thanks for allowing us the opportunity to share our unique brand of hospitality with you. It means the world to us, and it’s one of our greatest blessings. Warmest wishes to you and yours this season! 


Gary Kelly

Chairman, President, and CEO

Southwest Airlines



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