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Boring burgers begone! These crave-worthy chains are expanding faster than you can say “Hold the mayo!”


If you love a good pressed patty, this is the place for you. As the name implies, Smashburgers (a one-third or half pound of Angus beef) are hammered flat with a special tool that locks in moisture. To experience a true smash hit, try the Spicy Baja Burger: guacamole, pepper jack, fresh jalapeños, and chipotle mayo on a spicy chipotle bun. 196 locations nationwide


Umami Burger  

Founder Adam Fleischman’s fascination with what the Japanese call “umami” (oo-MAH-mee), a savory taste imparted by the naturally occurring amino acid glutamate, led to this mouthwatering concoction: a patty piled high with shiitake mushrooms, caramelized onions, a roasted tomato, and a Parmesan crisp, doused in signature ketchup so good you just might slap umami. 15 locations throughout CA


The Counter

A one-third-pounder with grilled pineapple and Danish blue cheese? Coming right up! With six burger varieties (including bison and vegan veggie), 12 cheeses, 33 toppings, 23 sauces, and six types of buns to choose from, the possible combos at this build-your-own joint number more than a million. Decisions, decisions. 32 locations throughout CA, CT, FL, GA, NY, TX, and VA



In addition to serving up grass-fed Angus beef burgers, this all-natural shop stocks sustainable furnishings: Chairs are made of recycled plastic Coke bottles and tables are built out of reclaimed wood. If it’s lunchtime and you haven’t eaten since last night, opt for the Breakfast All Day Burger, topped with bacon, maple syrup, hash browns, and a fried egg. 37 locations throughout CA, CT, FL, GA, MI, NC, NY, OH, TX, VA, and WA


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