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Here’s how Josh Rosenwald, co-founder of Unroll.me, describes the Web service that declutters your inbox: “My buddies and I wanted to build a startup. After all, lots of other college kids were doing it. We tried emailing ideas back and forth, but that became difficult because our inboxes were so overloaded with messages we didn’t need. And then an idea hit us: Let’s build a product that gets rid of unwanted email. Ten weeks later, Unroll.me was born. It’s a simple way to unsubscribe from all the newsletters and subscription emails you don’t want anymore. We condense the ones you want to keep into a single daily digest. Take me, for instance: I love daily deals, but I can’t afford to sift through all the clutter they cause. Now I get one email digest containing all of my newsletters, and my inbox is free for personal and work messages. Unroll.me is the best way to tame your inbox and end email overload. We knew the product was a hit when an open invitation to friends and family went viral. Within weeks, we had 20,000 users, and we’re adding thousands more each week. The free service currently works with Gmail, and we’re adding new webmail providers soon.” 

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