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Here’s how Craig Walker, Firespotter Labs CEO and co-founder, describes his company’s new conference-calling platform, ÜberConference: “You might say telephony is a professional passion of mine. My team and I ran DialPad, which Yahoo acquired, and created GrandCentral, which became Google Voice. After leaving Google, I was surprised that no one had reinvented conference calling. Everyone has to make introductions each time there’s a beep, entering PINs is a hassle, and how can you remember if it’s #56 or #67 to mute? ÜberConference participants use a phone, but we provide a unique view into the call using your computer screen, smartphone, or tablet. It’s easy to see who just joined the call, and we highlight the current speaker’s image. We built features we wanted to use ourselves, including “earmuffs,” based in part on a scene in Old School where a character yells “earmuffs!” when his child shouldn’t hear a conversation. Our version lets organizers put virtual earmuffs on callers when others need to have a sidebar conversation. Beyond that, ÜberConference shows participants’ social media profiles, automatically calls participants, and offers the option to record calls. Our goal is to make ÜberConference the world’s best teleconferencing service—and we’re well on our way.”


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