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This year, set your sights on spooky locales that are rich in real history. These heebie-jeebie-inducing haunts will have your head turning. 


The Shanghai Tunnels 

Portland, Oregon 

Men known as “crimps” once abducted Portland bar patrons in a practice known as “shanghaiing.” Before being sold as ship workers, victims were jailed in the city’s underground tunnels. On Cascade Geographic Society’s subterranean tour, you may smell perfume: That’s the ghost of Nina, a prostitute murdered after her involvement in a corruption-busting effort was discovered. 


Jerome Grand Hotel

Jerome, Arizona

Brave guests of this hospital-turned-hotel can sign up for a ghost hunt: Armed with an electromagnetic field meter, an infrared thermometer, and a camera, you’ll explore the building’s most haunted spots, including the elevator shaft where, in 1935, a maintenance man was found crushed to death in a case of rumored foul play. 


Michel B. Menard House

Galveston, Texas

The city’s oldest historic home is said to still be occupied by some of its former residents. Connect with them on October 27, when an experienced medium leads a Victorian séance. Follow up the meta-physical meeting  with a guided after-dark tour, offered October 28–31.


Villisca Ax Murder House

Villisca, Iowa 

The perpetrator of  the gruesome 1912 murder that left eight people slain in their beds was never found, but his spirit is rumored to reside in the attic—draw your own conclusions during an overnight stay. Not quite ready for a spine-chilling sleepover? The house is open for daytime tours, too. 


Eastern State Penitentiary


Take a frightening foray through this long-unoccupied prison on the “After-Dark VIP Tour,” an hour-long flashlight jaunt through death row, underground isolation cells, and the famously posh cell where Al Capone once resided.  



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