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Men with shaved heads look 10% stronger than those with hair.

Bald is beautiful—and, apparently, brawny. Overall, fellas rockin’ a shorn scalp were perceived to be more dominant than their hirsute counter-parts, according to a recent study from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. Despite the inevitable if slight height disadvantage, those lacking locks were viewed as nearly an inch taller than the average mop-topped male. Lead researcher Albert Mannes, who was spurred by his own decision to sport a pristine pate, ascribes the results to the Bruce Willises of the world. “In our society, a shaved head is associated with masculine figures,” Mannes says. “You see it a lot in Hollywood action heroes, even dating back to Yul Brynner in the ’50s and ’60s.” It remains to be seen if Daniel Craig will be jumping on the bare bandwagon.


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