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A single raindrop can weigh 50 times as much as a mosquito.

The itchy welts they leave behind are a big pain, but mosquitoes themselves are quite minute, weighing only 2.5 milligrams—substantially less than even a drop of water. So how do skeeters survive the occasional summer rainstorm? A study by Georgia Tech chalks up their toughness to a few essential attributes: a super-strong exoskeleton and low mass. That, and being able to go with the flow. “Raindrops fall 10 times faster than mosquitoes can fly, so occasionally the two collide and the mosquito is pinned to the drop,” says researcher David Hu, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering and biology at GT. “But not for very long. Because their legs and wings are so long, they create drag, which allows the insect to pull away.” Resilient little buggers, aren’t they? 


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