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32% of men are most frustrated by crafting a text message.

Within the context of a budding romantic relationship, that is. If you’re still agonizing over whether to use that LOL, you’re not the only one. When TSB Magazine, a men’s interest website, conducted a survey to uncover the most irksome aspects of a guy’s love life, almost a third of the 5,420 respondents claimed nothing was more exasperating than drafting the perfect 160 characters. It proved even more panic-inducing than initial approaches and awkward first-kiss situations. Helen Fisher, chief scientific advisor of the dating site chemistry.com, chalks it up to men being less verbal than women. Fisher suggests taking pointers from a sister or female friend. If that doesn’t work, there’s a simpler solution: “Pick up the phone and call.” If you’re still not getting through, perhaps a faulty connection is to blame—and we’re not talking cell service. 


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