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The Roots’ cool beat keeper, Jimmy Fallon sideman, and fried-chicken impresario will, next month, grace the Food Network NYC Wine & Food Festival with his presence—and sumptuous drumsticks.


DRUMLINE I’m always starting adventures. That’s what I do. 


2 THE OFF-BEAT Questlove is a name that sounds spiritual, I guess, but I was really just searching for something timeless. Hip-hop monikers date you instantly. In 2040, our grandkids are going to be asking, “Why was everyone in the early 2000s named Lil’?” Questlove is like Jay-Z: timeless, old-school. 


3 RIMSHOT It’s cliché to say that laughter is the best medicine, but it’s true. The best thing about working with Fallon [on NBC’s Late Night] is that we’re always laughing—and that means we’re always healthy.


4 GROOVE When there’s something you love and you’re good at, you give your life to it. It becomes a spiritual thing, a joy thing. For me, that’s music. For the guy in Jiro Dreams of Sushi, one of my favorite movies, it’s making sushi. He’s got this little restaurant in Tokyo for, like, 40 years, and it only holds 10 people. I’m having my next birthday party there because I want to experience his joy. 



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