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NYC’s most expensive parking spot costs $1,000,000. 

Sure, big-city living often comes with an oversized price tag, but c’mon! A million beans for a 12-foot by 23-foot garage space is outrageous even by New York City standards. To match that exorbitant cost you’d have to feed $36 worth of quarters into a meter every day for 76 years. Still, in the Big Apple’s Greenwich Village neighborhood, the parking ante has been radically upped at a prewar building soon to be home to six new ultra-luxe condos. And what do you get for your cool million? Direct street access, a private entrance, and 15-foot ceilings. The lofty ceilings are key, allowing the spot to be “duplexed” if you desire. That’s right; with the addition of a special car lift, two of your rides can be stacked. So, that’s really only $500,000 per space—plus maintenance fees, of course. How much, we wonder, are the bike racks going for?    


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