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In a world of digital cacophony, how do you get people to listen up? Business and leadership blogger Michael Hyatt, author of Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World, offers some attention-getting strategies.

Communication in the digital age may be the cause of  perpetual distraction, but when utilized skillfully, it can be the key to capturing an audience. Business and leadership blogger Michael Hyatt offers an array of attention-getting strategies in his new book, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World. Here, he distills a few for you.


Build A Platform

“A platform used to be a stage,” says Hyatt. “Today, it’s made up of people—your followers, fans, prospects, and customers. You can build a strong platform by creating content worth sharing. For most, this will come in the form of blog posts, free downloads (like e-books), and email campaigns. Just know that if you want to get noticed, you have to create something noteworthy. Write something you would want to read, or create something you would want to use.”


Be Social Media Savvy

“Don’t view social media as an opportunity to spam people. It is a relational medium, not a broadcast one. Rather than routinely blasting your own content, point your followers to sources of information other than your own that will be helpful to them. I like to practice the 20-to-1 Rule. For every 20 relational interactions, plug yourself or your product once.”


Keep People Interested

“So you’re creating meaningful content and your platform is expanding. Now keep it up. Maintain a list of topics to build content around. Write every idea down, and build a bank from which you can draw. You can also promote your older posts. Once you have a good amount of content under your belt, don’t neglect what received a great response. Resurrecting this material can be a big-time traffic generator.”


Maintain Consistency

“Eventually your platform will be spread across multiple channels. It is key that your brand remains consistent everywhere you have a presence. Always use the same logo and fonts, and refer to yourself by the same name (my friends know me as Mike, but online you will only find me as Michael). Your branding statement can be a slogan, or even the name of the product or service for which you are known, but make sure it stays the same across the board.”


Engage Your Tribe

“Your tribe is made up of your most devoted followers, the people who act as brand evangelists. If you want to keep them around, you need to engage them. End your blog posts with a question or two, and participate in the conversation. Consider the comments section a party you’re hosting. Keep it going by responding and raising more questions. Never forget that it’s not about you—it’s about them.”


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