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4 phones are lost at Niagara Falls each day.

And that’s only a tiny fraction of the $30 billion worth of devices that go missing around the globe each year, according to mobile security company Lookout. (Yes, we’ll hold while you make sure your cell is still at hand.) With more personal info than ever being stored the mobile way, there’s a lot on the line if you and your beloved iPhone get separated. “People have come to depend on their phones as their wingmen,” says Alicia diVittorio, a Lookout mobile safety advocate. It’s true; they help us remember birthdays, get directions, and capture memories, among other things. If the unthinkable does happen—at the Honeymoon Capital or, say, a coffee shop, another popular loss location—don’t panic. “The first thing to do is call your carrier and have them put a hold on your account,” diVittorio says. We hear that advice loud and clear. 


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