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These health-minded smartphone apps do a body good. 



Your Goal: Sit Up Straight


Because your mother can’t always be around, there’s LUMOback (device, $149; iOS app, free), a sensor worn around the waist that gently vibrates when you start to slouch. Track your progress with the device’s companion app, which features LUMO, a stick-figure avatar who mirrors your motions.


Your Goal: Get Moving

Get in stride with RunKeeper (iOS and Android, free), a GPS-enabled app that tracks distance, pace, elevation gain, and calories burned for all forms of motion exercise (runs, walks, bike rides, hikes, etc.). You can save routes for later use, measure progress against fitness goals, and share your journey with friends via Facebook, Twitter, and RunKeeper.com.


Your Goal: Quiet Your Mind

Find your happy place with Buddhify (iOS and Android, $2.99/$0.99), which provides calming audio guides to meditation. Once you’re relaxed and ready to catch some Z’s, schedule a gentle wake-up with Sleep Cycle (iOS, $0.99), an intelligent alarm clock that uses subtle sensors in your iPhone to monitor your slumber and, during a designated window of time, rouse you from your lightest sleep phase.


Your Goal: Build Strength

Simply select the area you’d like to tone, and follow the video or animation supplied by Fitness Buddy (iOS and Android, $0.99), which puts more than 1,700 muscle-building exercises at your fingertips. Recuperate with Pocket Yoga (iOS, $2.99), an app that lets you choose from 27 yoga sessions based on your individual skill level.  


Your Goal: Lose Weight

Start your healthy diet by shopping smarter. Scan the bar code of a grocery store item and Fooducate (iOS and Android, free) will assign a letter grade based on an algorithm developed by dietitians. After you’ve filled your pantry with nutritious edibles, record how much you eat and exercise with Lose It! (iOS and Android, free), which uses a daily calorie budget to help you achieve your weight-loss goal. 


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