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Drink in Austin, TX: Lindsey’s Lament

“Lindsey is a friend of mine, and her favorite drinks are what she calls ‘brown, bitter, and stirred.’ I wanted to make her something she’d like, so I started with bourbon and Becherovka, which is an herbal bitters that has a lot of baking-spice notes to it. Then I remembered reading an article that suggested adding salt to make cinnamon pop. When I did that, the drink just came alive. All I needed was something to bridge those flavors, and I landed on maple syrup. The drink has all those sit-by-a-fire-on-a-cold-night components to it. We get so few truly cold nights in Austin that, when we do have one, it’s a real treat to drink a cocktail like this.”

Who Bill Norris, beverage director

Where Midnight Cowboy



1¾ ounces Eagle Rare 


1 ounce Becherovka liqueur

¼ ounce maple syrup

1 tiny pinch salt



Combine ingredients in a mixing glass filled with cracked ice. Stir until cold, then strain into a chilled Nick & Nora glass. Garnish with a wide orange peel, expressing oils over the drink.






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