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Michelle Madhok, author of Wear This Now: Your Style Solution for Every Season and Any Occasion, suggests  stylish and versatile finds to fill your closet.


For Him

Slim-cut Dark Jeans
“Well-fitting jeans are an absolute must-have. They should be straight-legged and fit slim through the rear end—no sagging. A dark jean is more formal than a light jean and thus more versatile: You can wear it to work or wear it out. Earnest Sewn is one of my favorite denim brands. J. Crew is also a good source.” 


“When done right—in dark colors, without stripes or embellishments—this collegiate look is smart and sexy. Make sure it fits well through the shoulders. You should also be able to button it. Look for fall colors like burnt orange, burgundy, and moss green, and wear it over a button-down or a T-shirt. To make it more modern, go for a zipper rather than buttons. Club Monaco is a great place for cardigans.” 


Cashmere Scarf
“If you’re nervous about being too fashion-forward, this is an easy way to inject some color. Burgundy is huge this fall, but orange, red, and bright green are fun choices, too. Since it goes around the neck and you’ll be wearing it a lot, pop for high-quality cashmere. You can find it at Brooks Brothers and good department stores.”


Suede Loafers
“They’re more stylish than regular leather loafers, and they can easily go from office to weekend. Cole Haan is a great brand. For variety, check out DSW.”


For Her

Camel-colored Trousers
“They’re simply more interesting than black or gray. Despite being neutral, they really pop, in an old Hollywood kind of way, when paired with red lipstick and a white button-down. Make sure they’re slim through the hip and have a straight leg. Look for them at Banana Republic or Tory Burch.”  


“It’s a classic piece that’s really sharp. You can wear it with jeans or trousers, or pair it with a T-shirt and a statement necklace. With a formal pant, it’s great for a big meeting. You can also button it up and put a belt around your waist, and, in a pinch, use it as a light jacket. Vince is an excellent source. Go for navy, black, gray, or olive.”


Statement Necklace
“The difference between someone who is fashionable and someone who is not usually comes down to accessories. I recommend a brightly colored necklace in a fall hue. It will make what you’re wearing stand out, whether it’s casual or dressy. One of my favorite sources is baublebar.com.”  


Driving Shoes or Moccasins
“Wear these in place of ballet flats. Whether you decide to go neutral or bright, they’re perfect for fall because they’re comfortable, versatile, and warm. Tod’s makes the classic driving shoe. For moccasins, it’s Minnetonka. If you’re going to wear them a lot, be sure to choose a style with a sturdy sole.”



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