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In the video game Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, you can drive as Danica—with her blessings.


1 WARM-UP LAP Instead of going to high school, I went to London when I was 16, to train as a driver. I loved so much about that time and place. It’s funny; if America’s favorite pastime is baseball, I’m pretty sure London’s favorite pastime is going to the pub. 


2 HAIRPIN TURN I don’t really know any different than being a woman in a man’s world. [In car racing,] I think people were ready for something different and to root for an underdog. This is the world I work in, and I do it well. Most people have been really welcoming to me, and that’s a blessing. 


3 FUEL No matter what time I wake up, I must have my breakfast, like eggs and oatmeal. Sometimes I’ve had breakfast up to four times in a day. They say it’s the most important meal, so why not have it all day? 


4 TURBOCHARGED Being behind the wheel is exciting and scary and nerve-wracking and challenging and frustrating and exhilarating and sometimes even kind of boring. It can be all of those things—kind of like all of your life in one second. I love it.


5 THE FINISH LINE After riding in a car for 12 hours, there’s nothing that brings me back to life better than a funny movie. Adam Sandler really does it for me—Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, movies like that. You want to get out of that car and laugh.



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