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Neverware Give slow PCs a boost with this magic box.

Here’s how Jonathan Hefter, founder and CEO of Neverware, describes the service that makes old computers run like new: “After I graduated college, I was struck by how wasteful it is to replace roomfuls of computers every four years. I moved to my parents’ basement and spent the next year fixing this problem. Neverware uses a single, powerful computer to breathe new life into old machines in companies and schools of all sizes. Installing the box—usually next to an existing server—enables older PCs to run the latest version of Windows super fast. Our first client was a Brooklyn high school that had maybe 20 working computers. You could open a Web browser, go make a cup of coffee, and the website would still be loading when you came back. They had another 100 or so outdated PCs just sitting in a closet. Literally overnight, and for a tenth of the price of buying new machines, we turned their clunkers into the fleetest and most muscular computers in the New York City school system. As they say, if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.”


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