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Here’s how Ted D’Cruz-Young, founder of Mealku, describes the community of food-sharers: “Did you know that 25 percent of all grocery purchases end up in the garbage and that most young adults don’t know how to make a scrambled egg? How did we get here? I grew up in Scotland, and every night my mom made sure we had the most delicious proper dinners. She was part of a community of families in our neighborhood, where food was always prepared with a view to sharing. Now, as the father of two constantly hungry boys and the husband of an equally busy wife, I wondered if the model my mom practiced could help us today in New York City. More than that, I wondered if a large-scale homemade food–sharing organization could combat obesity and food waste and build community at the same time. So I created Mealku. The concept is pretty simple. Like they would in a local food co-op, members pay a nominal fee: $10 per month. The rest of Mealku, which has communities all across the country, is based on a points system: Make a meal, and you earn points—or ‘ku’—which you can then use to buy a meal. All meal-sharing is arranged through our website, and in urban areas most of the meals are picked up and delivered by us. Eat better, share more, waste less. Can’t argue with that.” 


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