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LifeSwap This new job-search tool helps find a career that fits.

Here’s how Bastiaan Jamaat, co-founder of LifeSwap, describes the new way to pick a profession: “When I graduated from college, I applied for jobs with no knowledge of what they’d actually be like. We can choose a hotel based on details down to the bedding’s thread count, but when it comes to choosing a career, why are we limited to online listings filled with superficial information? I teamed up with three classmates at Stanford to turn the process on its head. We partner with employers to give potential hires an inside look at the company’s environment, culture, and people. For an afternoon, recruits work on solving real challenges companies face, and get the chance to prove their worth. Giving candidates a better sense of where their passions lie and an inside look at a company ultimately leads to higher job satisfaction. In turn, employers get a peek at the applicant pool, and also save time and money by keeping their top talent in the office instead of at career fairs. We’re creating the Airbnb of work experiences: People will be able to get a glimpse of a job, get closer to pursuing their passions, and make our workforce more fulfilled and efficient.”


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