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Postcard on the Run Turn smartphone snapshots into lasting memories.

Here’s how Josh Brooks, founder and CEO of Postcard on the Run, describes the app that turns your photos into postcards: “We all have countless digital pictures we’ve taken with our phones and then forgotten. Some of them captured a special moment in our lives that might have lived in a social media feed for 12 seconds. I wanted to build a business that let people remember such moments with a physical keepsake. Postcard on the Run lets you create a postcard using your own photo, write an accompanying note, and send it in the mail—all without ever seeing or touching the card. Since most phones double as video cameras, we’ve found a way to share video, too. When you send a postcard using the iOS version of the app, you can, at no extra charge, include a short video that the recipient can access by scanning the QR code or navigating to the URL printed on the back of each card. The app is free to download and also works with Android and Windows Phone. Postcards cost $.99–$1.69, depending on where they’re being mailed.” 


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