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Cesar Millan, celebrity dog behaviorist and best-selling author 

What is the key to a functional workplace? “This is one particular area where we can learn a lot from animals. In a pack of dogs, there are essentially three groups: those in the front, those in the middle, and those in the back. While each plays a significant role, no group is superior. The dogs in the front, typically referred to as alphas, give direction and offer protection; these are your leaders. The dogs in the middle of the pack keep order and ensure that things run smoothly. Those in the back are the cautious ones, responsible for alerting the others to potential threats. When building a team, adopt a pack mentality. Recognize that it’s just as important
to find people who are happy being in the back as it is to identify strong leaders. And maintain a balance of these respective personalities to promote cohesion.”

Cesar Millan’s new series, Cesar 911, premieres on Nat Geo Wild on March 7.



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