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Ping Fu, CEO of Geomagic


What’s your guiding principle? “Bend, not break is a lesson I learned from my Shanghai Papa, who raised me in China and told me about the ‘three friends of winter.’ He taught me the pine tree stays green in the bitter cold, the plum blossom shows its brilliance when it snows and no other thing will smile, and bamboo is flexible and won’t break. He told me, ‘Ping, you must be bamboo.’ During the oppressive years of the Cultural Revolution and throughout my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve found his story to be very comforting, because there were many cases where I needed to bend—but not break.”


Ping Fu advises President Obama on entrepreneurship and innovation and co-founded the software firm Geomagic in 1997. Her new memoir, Bend, Not Break, contrasts her persecution in China with her rise in the American tech industry.



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