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Humans generate only 49% of all Internet traffic.

If you think you know who’s visiting your website, think again. Approximately 51 percent of Internet activity is created by bots, according to data released by Incapsula, a cloud-based security service. The automated programs lighting up the Net come in a variety of forms: The good guys, or search engines like Google, whose servers never rest, represent 20 percent, while the remaining 31 percent would love nothing more than to worm their way into your PC. Of that menacing group, hacking tools account for 5 percent of traffic, and refer to software that visits a site to crash it or steal data. So-called scrapers (5 percent) are notorious for pulling info from one site and publishing it to another to pillage search-engine traffic. And comment spammers (2 percent) do just that, posting malware and other annoying content to bog down a site. Spyware (19 percent), which covertly gathers info that can compromise competitive advantage, rounds out the derelict visitors. We aren’t alone after all—at least not on the Interwebs.



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