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The name of her new album, Havoc and Bright Lights, might not suggest it, but the pop star is sounding blessedly centered.


1 Guardian Since becoming a mother, I’ve discovered the virtues of coffee, truly. It has become very helpful in that I am sleeping a lot less. 


2 You Oughta Know The Diamond In Your Pocket by Gangaji is a book I’ve read four times, and every single time I read it there’s a new message in it for me. It’s really a book for the brave warrior in me—and, frankly, in anyone—who is committed to authenticity above all in this life. Am I there yet? No. But aspiring. 


3 Thank U India I wanted to step away from the hailstorm of overstimulation that was the tour [in 1996] for Jagged Little Pill. India has a very particular stillness, this solitude, this pin-drop silence that I really needed then, when the only privacy I had was in my closet, literally, where I would write a lot of my songs. There is a profound spirit that permeates their culture. It was a good choice on my part. 


4 All I Really Want I used to have a personal life and a work life—these little lives in little boxes. Now, I go into a room to write a song, breastfeed my son, talk to my husband, cook dinner, go do a show, return to my family. Not a moment too soon, my life has finally become integrated. And it has been a huge blessing.


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